About Us

The Conference of Regulatory Officers (CORO) is the annual gathering of statutory regulators, law societies, bar associations and admitting authorities involved in regulation of the legal profession in Australia and New Zealand. CORO provides a forum for these regulators to come together to discuss developments and exchange information between the different jurisdictions.

While informal in structure CORO aims to generate discussion and debate around a wide range of issues of interest to all who attend. CORO affords the opportunity of strengthening existing associations as well as developing new associations with other regulators.

CORO is held in conjunction with the Annual Trust Account Inspectors Workshop and the Conference of Admitting Authorities from each State and Territory in Australia, and New Zealand.


The development of CORO can be traced back to the early 1990’s when trust account inspectors across Australia met annually to discuss various regulatory issues.

In 1992 the first National Conference of Regulatory Officers (CORO) was held in Victoria. The 1992 CORO Conference was a great success. Regulators attending the 1992 Conference expressed a willingness to share information and material and agreed to work together to build on current experience. Since then CORO has met on annual basis.