Adelaide 2017 conference

The 2017 CORO Conference was held in Adelaide, South Australia, on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 October.

The conference was hosted by the Law Society of South Australia and the Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner.

The conference program and registration brochure is available for download (1.7MB PDF).




Thursday 26 October 2017

Session 1 – Future Law: Anti-Money laundering and the legal profession – Jonathan Smithers  (298KB PDF)

Session 2 – Future Law: Developments in cyber security and artificial intelligence – Impact on legal practice regulation – Morry Bailes  (300KB PDF)

Session 3 – The Assuring Professional Competence Project: An update – Sandy Clark AM and Richard Besley  (283KB PDF)

Session 4 – The Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules: Law Council of Australia review – Murray Hawkins  (242KB PDF)

Session 5 – Supervision of Newly Admitted Practitioners – Judge Katrina Bochner and Michael McNamara  (406KB PDF)

Session 6 – Adapt, Improvise and Overcome: Engaging with conflicts of interest in the bush – Helen McGowan  (424KB PDF)


Friday 27 October 2017

Session 1 – Practice Management Courses: Targeting content and measuring effectiveness – Libby Fulham  (262KB PDF)

Session 2 – Practice Management Courses: Targeting content and measuring effectiveness – Mary Ollivier  (304KB PDF)

Session 3 – Practitioner Insolvency: Risks and Regulation – Jon Clarke  (340KB PDF)

Session 4 – Practitioner Insolvency: Risks and regulations – Howard Bowles  (259KB PDF)

Session 5 – Use of Disciplinary Data by Regulators: VLSB+C Project stage 2 – Assoc. Prof. Marie Bismark  (609KB PDF)

Session 6 – Changes to the Migration Act: Regulation of migration lawyers – Jennie Pakula and Kerri-anne Millard  (249KB PDF)