Hobart 2015 conference

The 2015 CORO conference was held in Hobart, Tasmania, on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 November. The conference was hosted by the Law Society of Tasmania.

Conference brochure

The conference brochure is available for download here.

Conference presentations

Legal Profession Uniform Law in operation – An update – Dale Boucher, Commissioner for Uniform Legal Services Regulation (448KB PDF)

Supervising graduate lawyers in legal practice –  Caitlin Hamilton and Jim Milne, NSW Office of the Legal Services Commissioner (370KB PDF)

High conflict behaviour in legal disputes – Prof. Tania Sourdin, Monash University (1MB PDF)

Assuring professional competence – Prof. Sandford Clark, University of Melbourne & Richard Besley, CEO, Victorian Legal Admissions Board (223KB PDF)

Missing in action or leading the charge? Legal professional regulators and the diversity challenge – Megan Lawton, CEO, Law Society NT (660KB PDF)

Insolvency and the incorporated legal practice – Libby Fulham, Deputy Executive Director, Legal Practice Board WA (272KB PDF)

Turn away or Triage: Engaging with conflicts of interest in the bush (paper and slides)  – Helen McGowan, Doctoral researcher, Australian National University College of Law (1.2MB PDF)