Welcome to the CORO website

CORO is the Conference of Regulatory Officers; a cooperative association of statutory regulators, law societies, bar associations and admitting authorities involved in the regulation of the legal profession in Australia and New Zealand.


This website is currently being redeveloped.

Over the coming months an expanded range of resources (both new and historical) will be made available for CORO participants. These will include:

*  past conference brochures

*  papers presented at past conferences

*  contact details for participating organisations

*  an overview of the functions and powers assigned to regulators in each jurisdiction, and

*  various resources for participating organisations.

New additions will be listed below. Please keep checking back for new material.


Latest News

*  25 February 2015: Added page for Hobart 2015 conference.

12 November 2014: Added presentations from the Wellington 2014 conference.

*  26 September 2014: Added past conference brochures for Darwin 2008, Perth 2009 and Melbourne 2010.

*  17 September 2014: The 2014 CORO Conference will be held in Wellington, New Zealand on 23 and 24 October.  Download the conference brochure here.

*  17 September 2014: The conference brochures for previous CORO Conferences are being uploaded to the Conferences page.